What to Expect When Meeting a Ukrainian Woman

Once you are past the traditional dating age, it can be extremely stressful to meet a new woman whether at your local café or online in another country. But, the ultimate goal in meeting women is to find a wife that will make your life much more interesting and enjoyable.

Why Are Ukrainian Women a Better Companion?

When you look for a girlfriend, you are seeking a woman who is sexy and wants to hang out with you. When you are seriously looking for a wife, you are looking for a woman that will be there, come what may.

Women from Kiev enjoy the basics of life.

  • They like to be pampered and respected.
  • They like to cook and are proud of their cleaning skills.
  • They are equally proud of their stylish dress.
  • They aren’t afraid to work and work hard if needed.
  • They are loving, affectionate and compassionate but not push-overs for sad sack stories.
  • They prefer to hear the truth even if it hurts rather than to be kept in the dark and treated as ignorant.

Ukrainian women are raised in a culture where men and women are equal but different. Each has their own responsibilities in a marriage. While she is willing to be supportive of you and all your needs, she is not going to let you walk all over her and be her “father” or dictator.

She will expect you to explain why something should be done your way and with logical reasons, she will let you take the lead.

Having a wife is an important step for a man and the right woman makes his life easier, happier and healthier.

What to Expect When You First Meet

Ukrainian women are intelligent– and that is usually expressed in their curiosity about you, your life and your work.  On first meeting her, she will ask you a lot of questions that you may not be used to answering.

She will ask how much money you make and how often you work. This might give you the impression that she is a money grubber. Actually, it is part of the culture and when you finally meet her family, they will ask you the same questions.

The good part is that you can ask her about her income, her education and her family relationships – past and present – without worrying that you will insult her.

If you really want to impress her and her family, learn to read the Cyrillic language and at least some rudimentary greetings in Ukraine. This site offers you the ability to learn online at your own speed. The fact that you are trying will set you apart. Here’s an online language video class to get you started – and it’s free.

Each time you two meet, you should bring her flowers or candy. When you meet her family, bring a special souvenir from Australia with you as well as flowers for both your lady and her mother.

It wouldn’t hurt to bring a good bottle of Vodka for her father – ask what his favourite brand is first.

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