Living in Kiev with Your New Ukrainian Wife

If You Decide to Live in Kiev, Ukraine

The above photo is taken from the botanical gardens overlooking Kiev and the gorgeous river that runs through the centre of the city.

Once you have met the woman you would like to marry, one question that the two of you must decide on is where you will live after the vows are said. For a number of reasons, the two of you may decide to live for the first few years in Kiev.

Let’s be clear.

Living in the Ukraine is not a requirement for marrying a Ukraine woman.  However, once you visit our beautiful city and have the opportunity to find out how friendly, courteous and sincere the local people are you may want to live here. There are plenty of things to do for anyone.

There’s a terrific city guide to cultural interest in Kiev in London’s Telegraph.

Tips for Living in Kiev

We will help you with the necessary paperwork if you decide to relocate here – and, there is plenty of paperwork involved. But, it’s worth it if you and your bride want to start out your marriage near her family.

It’s always good to know that you are not the only foreigner in the city. There is a club for Australians who have married Ukraine Women and now live in Kiev. We will be happy to connect you with the group if you decide to relocate here.

Having mates from your home country that can help you acclimate is always a great feeling.

And, this video is taken of expats who have moved to Kiev from various other nations.

The cost of living in Kiev is going to be different than that in Australia.  Here is the best place to find out what the current costs of everyday expenses are.

The currency in Ukraine has taken some hits over the last 2 years and at the moment, prices in general are approximately 60-70% cheaper than prices for equivalent items in, for example, Melbourne or Sydney.

Here are some examples of what it will cost you to do a few things in Kiev, updated as of June, 2015:

  • A three-course meal for 2 at a mid-range restaurant $20-25AUD*
  • A bottle of mid-range Wine $5AUD (You’ll even find Aussie wine on the shelfs at the bigger supermarkets in Ukraine!)
  • Start up to hire a taxi  $2.5AUD + $0.34AUD/Km (Taxis don’t have meters, so you can either use Uber or ask somebody in a shop what the price should be.)
  • A nice one-bedroom apartment in City Centre $30+/night
  • 1 Dozen eggs $1.34
  • Pack of 20 Cigarettes $1.50AUD
  • Movie Ticket (Brand New Release) $5

*A meal for 2 at this price is common at any of the fantastic restaurants lining the main streets of Kiev. An example would be plenty of sushi for 2 plus an alcoholic drink each OR 2 mains of pasta with an entrée of Borscht soup.

Even though there are plenty of modern grocery stores, many people still prefer to buy their produce at the farmers’ markets.

This is done for two reasons: foods at the grocers may be past the expiration date for safe eating and the markets prices are cheaper.

Below is a video taken by a resident of a farmers market.

Tips for Adjusting to the Cultural Differences

When you are on public transportation, offer your seat to a woman if all the seats are gone. Men are not supposed to let women stand while they sit. When using private vehicles and when entering buildings – even her own home – open the door and allow her to enter ahead of you.

One of the biggest differences between Ukrainian women and women in Australia, Canada and the U.S. is that they still place a huge value on gentlemanly behaviour. If she or any female member of her family smokes, you are expected to light their cigarettes for them.  If you do not smoke, buy a lighter and keep it handy.

In Kiev, everyone removes their shoes at the door while entering anyone’s home.  Be sure to wear clean, new socks whenever you leave your house – or your wife may offer to place a pair of indoor slippers in her bag so that you have them when you remove your shoes.

For more information about the cultural differences, national foods and customs, check out this page offered by the city to help foreigners understand the people and rules they may encounter.

If you have further questions and would like to find out about the services and process of finding a Ukraine wife through our agency, fill out the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible