Marriage Agency for Ukrainian Women in Kiev


If you are a single Australian man between the ages of 30 and 60 who wants to explore the possibility of finding a wife in Ukraine, you have entered the right place.

After reading this page (5 minutes max.) you will have a pretty much guaranteed 99% chance of finding a beautiful woman worth marrying, one that cares and appreciates every aspect of you and a woman that you can be truly happy with.

This website aims to provide Australian men with 100% legitimate marriage connections – if you are looking for genuine, transparent marriage agency services then use only our affiliated and authentic marriage agencies that we know and trust. If you lose this page search for “UKRAINE BRIDES AUSTRALIA” and you’ll find us near the top again.

If you’re in a hurry, scroll down to “Finding Your Soul-Mate” and I talk about the EXACT steps to accessing thousands of women to choose. They are all interested in marriage and starting a family. Most of the women might be a bit anxious to get started as they feel their time is “running out”. This gives good-hearted Aussie men the opportunity to choose whichever lady you want.

brunette-ukrainian-girl-sexy-beautiful-womanRule #1: Avoid the Ukrainian Marriage Site Scam

Before we get started, I just have to mention there are only three or four ways that men get scammed by Ukrainian Marriage sites.

Apparently, when a scam works no one bothers to create a new one.

This makes it easy to tell you what to be on the lookout for and what to avoid:

  • “Translation Services”… Use Google Translate to copy and paste the girls messages from Russian/Ukrainian to English. It’s free too.
  • “Letter Forwarding”… It’s 2015, emails are instant and socially acceptable forms of communication. Skype is great too, free also.
  • “Credits”… Some sites are very expensive to use. And the girls that use these sites know that the men coming there are wasting money. Hint, hint, scammer central!!
  • DO NOT pay more than $20-30 per month to use a dating site. The best site is “UkraineDate” by far and it’s Australian run by a Gold Coast company. It’s free all the way up until messaging the girls, but you can get the girls to message you first. I talk more about it below anyway.

We are good at what we do and believe in transparency. The larger marriage agencies are going out of business as more and more men (and women) turn to websites rather than agencies.

Start Here: Finding Your Soul-Mate

Ok, you’ve taken the first step – either you’re single, divorced, curious or just plain tired of Australian women. The process from now is quite simple, you will need to connect with women and it’s going to be online. It’s pretty easy and everything is in your favour. If you are genuinely interested and are willing to send a few messages, BOOKMARK this page by pressing CTRL + D.

Gone are the days where you’d have to engage an agency to do all the translations and posting of letters. Maybe 10 years ago you’d have to do this, but now you’ve got so many more resources available, both free and paid, to find your soul-mate. PLUS there are hundreds of thousands more women online. All the Ukrainian Women who didn’t have internet 10 years ago are all online now begging to start a family.

The whole process will cost maximum $20 to literally find the woman of your dreams, obviously more if you end up flying to Ukraine to meet the girl.

Part 1

Get 2-3 of the best photos of yourself. Ask a female friend/colleague which is the best.

Come up with maybe 4-5 photos and then ask a female friend, colleague or sister which they think is the best photo of you. Don’t ask them which photo is the hottest or sexiest, just ask which photo is the best. Women know women and they will be able to advise you which is the best. Photos with your dog, cat, a guitar, or traveling have been shown to increase your attractiveness in scientific studies. Some studies suggest photos with other women are strong indicators that you’re a “good catch” through pre-selection but as you don’t want to be creating any jealously from the get-go with Ukrainian women, I’m going to advise against this one. Stick to dogs and cats, even your neighbour’s dog will do (American readers, we’re using British English!).


If you don’t have any photos, just google “Casual Portait Photos Melbourne” or whichever city you are in. Some freelance photographers might be expensive, but just give them a ring and don’t pay more than $50-150 per photo shoot, but if you choose a good photographer, they’re going to take VERY nice shots that will be great for your profile. Studies have shown women respond best to photos of you which convey maturity and masculinity. Tell the photographer that the photos are for a dating site – chances are your photographer will have already taken dating profile photos for someone before, so don’t be embarrassed about it because MOST singles have now tried online dating.

Part 2

Go to and make a free profile with the photos from step number 1.

After you upload the photos just write single words for the profile questions as it’s quick and easy. Here are some buzz phrases for describing yourself and what you’re looking for: great cook, big smile, loves kids, patient, honest, family man, looking for long term, willing to relocate.

We’re going to use what I think is the best site to choose single Ukrainian women on and it’s run by an Australian company too. If you’re from USA or UK or anywhere else, it’s still the best site for meeting single women – they have over 150,000 ladies on there, and you can set the filters to “Looking for Marriage” to find beautiful women who are 100% interested in getting married.

Warning! Girls may “show interest” in you within seconds of signing up. Be careful as these may be automated. Now you are ready to start choosing.


Part 3

Using the free profile, use the advanced search function to find exactly what you want.

On the site, there are more than 150,000 real women to choose from. Since there’s far too many (and you’re only looking for one!) you can use the Advanced Search function to choose whichever characteristics you want – blonde, brunette, blue eyes, slim, fat, anything you want really. Most profiles will say what age range they are looking for, so some of the younger girls (18-22) might be looking for men ages 20-35, whereas some of the ladies ages 20-40 will be looking for men aged 20-60+. It really depends on the girl.


Part 4

Press “Show Interest” on the girls you like. It’s still free.

With the free account, I think you can press “Show Interest” on quite a few girls before they ask for the paid account, which is around $20-30 a month. I recommend using a computer rather than your phone to browse as there are so many profile to look at. The reason they actually charge for this is because this stops fake people from sending messages and stops men who are not truly willing to meet women from sending messages willy-nilly. If they didn’t charge around $30 a month, the ladies would be of very low quality. Anything like $100-200 for credits is bullsh*t. The women on those sites are most likely scammers too. Also, pay with PayPal or a credit card because you can ALWAYS get your cash back by ringing your bank. The company that runs the site is 100% Australian, I don’t know if I can mention their company name here but it’s at the bottom of their site ***** Media Pty. Ltd.


Part 5

Don’t send any money to the girls and don’t pay for anything like gifts or flights or “medical emergencies”.

The women who are 100% genuine will not ask for money because they know this will stop the men dead in their tracks. If a lady you are speaking to asks for any money, even $10, stop talking to them immediately. As I just said, women who are using the site properly will know not to ask the men for money because asking the men for any money is a well known scam and women who are serious about finding a husband will not ask for money. Press “Show Interest” on all the girls you are interested in. There are more than 150,000 so take your time…

Part 6

For translating use Google Translate. It’s free. And for chatting outside the app, use Skype and Whatsapp.

Skype will let you call the girls for free, even with video chat. It may be difficult if she speaks no English, so try Skype with Google Translate at the same time, that way you can watch the girls and still speak in the same language. Internet in Ukraine is pretty cheap around $10 a month for unlimited data (cheap, I know) so you can Skype the girls for as long as you want. Many of the younger girls will speak at least basic English as it is taught in school, so this is a bonus.

Part 7

Get to know some of the women more. Remember, don’t send money, please. All the real girls won’t ask for money or gifts.

Enjoy chatting with the women. Some good starting messages are, “Hey, how are you?” and on a new line put “Privet kak dela?”. This lets the woman know you’re a native English speaker but are pretty interesting in speaking to the women because you’re using local language!

Generally, the women will answer “Fine thanks, you?” or similar. Then you can go ahead and start asking her “How is your week going?”… She will probably ask where you are from and what do you do for work. They’re curious women and will want to know if you have at least a job to support yourself, so don’t be put off by so many questions.

There are thousands of women, if you stuff up, just start a new conversation.

I will mention here, most of the girls in KIEV speak Russian and Ukrainian but will speak Russian on a day-to-day basis. Outside of Kiev, girls will generally speak Ukrainian. To you, they will both look the same as it’s the same alphabet. Google Translate will take care of this for you!

Part 8

Meet the women.

If you find 1-2 ladies who you are really interested in, consider planning a week or two long trip to Ukraine. I would suggest getting know 2-5 women, and then suggesting that you are considering visiting Kiev. If you need help, we can help arrange the trip for you.

For flights, use

For an apartment for 1-2 weeks, use Airbnb.

For transportation, use Uber as it’s really safe.

*** A taxi from the airport to pretty much anywhere in the center of the city will cost around 100UAH – 120UAH ($7-15 at the absolute max). Most taxis don’t have meters so it’s just cash bargain but around the city, a 10 minute taxi ride is probably around 50UAH ($3-5), a 20 minute taxi ride around 100UAH ($6-10).

If you need help, send us an email.

Humans Are Social Beings

Untitledьтт-1When you were in your teens and 20s, it was fun to be single. You couldn’t wait to meet your mates at a bar after work or at a football game on the weekend. It was nothing to stay up until 2:00 a.m. and be to work at 7:00 the same morning.

It was fun because you were never alone.

You had your mates!

Then, before you knew it, everyone was married and had responsibilities. Maybe, you got married too. Maybe, you lost your wife or got divorced.  You might even be a single parent.

Now, you’re a grown man who works long hours and returns at night to a house without a woman. As much fun as it was to hang with the guys when you were young, it’s not that much fun anymore. Adults – men and women – need companions to share their lives with.

Ukrainian Women Are Curious Women

Most Ukrainian women think that all Australian men are running around playing “Crocodile Dundee”.  It’s that image in their minds that inspires them to explore the possibility of finding an Aussie husband.

Likewise, many Australian men think of Ukrainian women as being the “little woman holding the slippers” type that are just drooling at the prospect of being a doting wife.

And, that may have been what made you decide to check out a Ukrainian Marriage Agency.

The truth is they are educated, funny, independent, shy, spunky and down to earth.

Check out our article: Meeting Ukrainian Women.


The Kiss it Goodbye Scams:

  1. The “I need a Visa, Passport and Airline ticket – first class, of course – to come see you” scam.  This is one of the most popular and is usually found on internet dating sites as well as questionable marriage agency sites – the kind that write letters to you supposedly from some girl.
  2. The “I am desperate. Can you help me, please?” scam. This one is where this online girl becomes desperate for some amount of cash within a month after chatting with you on a message board. Imagine that! Her life was running smooth and only after meeting you, her mother dies, her son needs surgery, her brother lost his job, her father got killed in the war – and, thank heavens, she finally met the ONLY man in the whole world who can save her life – YOU.

Here’s a tip: Never, ever under any circumstances send money to anyone that you have only met in cyberspace! Ukrainian women have more relatives than you have money, and they all have jobs and food on their tables so don’t start sending any cash, please.

If you would like to know more about our agency and the process of finding a Ukrainian woman looking for an eligible man to marry, fill out the form below so that we can get back to you.